This is Marcus Thorn, otherwise known as “Tiki Beat” - world-renowned master carver and painter for over fifteen years.
I had ventured out in the car this morning partly with the intention of returning to a house I had seen, in the dark, a few nights earlier. There was a large Tiki statue outside and a beautiful white 60s Ford Econoline parked under a car-port.
When I arrived today, the van, and Tiki, was there. And so was a, clearly customised, hot-rodded, '48 Buick. As I started taking some photographs, a man appeared with a smile, a goatee and some slicked-back hair. As I apologised, for essentially perving on his home from the bottom of a driveway, he cut me off, “Nah. You’re alright, mate. My name’s Marcus”.
Skip forward four and a half hours later into the afternoon, Marcus has been through a few rollies and told me, in great detail, about the cars outside and also kindly invited me into his modest mid-century home that he shares with his wife. We’ve talked music, movies, travel, art, life and his career so far.
His work is featured around the world - Japan, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Melbourne, Perth (a bar by the same name), Brisbane, Gold Coast and more. He’s also heavily involved in the Hot Rod and Low Brown scenes - something you’d be hard-pressed to miss just speaking to him for five minutes.
A fascinating insight to the most unusual of careers.
During hours of conversation, Kiki, their three year old dog, was desperate for attention. Who was I to resist?

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